What is a Multicyl®?

Multicyl® is a patented air over oil press used for punching applications. Its original design was for punching holes and notching in sheet metal but now the uses include everything from automated manufacturing to a simple workstation.

Customers include almost anyone who has a product to make, from IBM or General Motors to the inventive individual working on their first project. Its small size and portable feature is good for either bench mounted or movable applications.

Quiet, safe and affordable...
Applications are limited only by the imagination of the user.

How Multicyl® Works.

Discover the Simplicity of Multicyl®.

A Multicyl® is quite complicated internally, however like a car engine, to the user it's easy to operate. Stroke and tonnage specifications are all that's required for cylinder selection. Design time is reduced by using our standard package components for cage, tooling and air controls. Installation time is reduced with the self-contained reservoir, which is self-bleeding. No hydraulics or electrics to worry about... All you add is Air.

Multicyl® is fast-acting and efficient.

Ton for ton Multicyl® is probably the world's most cost effective power source. Multicyl® delivers a tested 60 strokes per minute and up to 25,000 pounds punching power at 100 psi shop air. Significantly more efficient than more traditional methods. A smaller compressor can be used because of low energy requirements. Multicyl® delivers its dynamic punching action only when needed, unlike a die Punch Press which is always running.

Multicyl® simplifies the field of air/oil intensifiers

while saving up to 80% of the compressed air used in other air operated systems performing a similar function, such as air cylinders or Single Stage pressure intensifiers. The Two Stage pressure intensifier produces its power action utilizing regular shop air and the most elementary control valve... this is all that is required.

The compact design incorporates the hydraulic functions completely within the one, integral unit, eliminating the need for and external oil reservoir or complicated control circuit.

Low Pressure (LP) stroke (Advance Stroke) :

As air is introduced, pressure is supplied to the system. As LP piston advances, LP valve immediately closes and the ram continues to advance in a full linear fashion until resistance is encountered. The LP stroke is dissipated by the hydraulic flow by principle, permitting the air cylinder to continue its advance while the ram remains stationary until the High Pressure is attained. The length of this stroke will automatically self-adjust and allow the power stroke to actuate wherever the advance force is exceeded. The Air Advance Stroke will produce a force equal to the pressure on the air piston (less the resistance of internal springs and seals).

High Pressure (HP) stroke (Power Stroke):

HP piston rod seals the high-pressure chamber. The increased diameter of the HP chamber renders the LP piston powerless. This allows the oil to flow freely within the HP chamber as the LP piston advances. The force on the ram is increased due to the pressure being multiplied by the ratio between the areas of the air piston and the HP piston rod and the area of the ram piston. On the return stroke, air is exhausted; LP valve immediately opens... allowing oil to flow directly through the piston; springs return LP piston assembly and ran to "rest position". The hydraulic power stroke may be produced anywhere on the overall stroke. The changeover signal is produced from resistance greater than the advance force. The stroke length will bottom out at the end of the power stroke or wherever it is exceeded.

The "Flow-By" Principle (Self-Adjusting Stroke):

If the ram stops due to resistance before the high pressure piston has reached the main body seals, the patented Multicyl® "flow-by" principle comes into effect. The piston is allowed to continue its advance as entrapped oil begins to "flow-by" the low pressure piston by means of precisely controlled clearances. When the HP stage is reached the LP piston becomes ineffective due to an increase in bore diameter of the cylinder. Multicyl® reduces the need for the fine adjustment by producing its working stroke where the low pressure force is exceeded-anywhere on the overall stroke. Its "Jam-Proof" action will bottom-out at the end of the working stoke or wherever the high pressure force is exceeded.

In seconds, you can transform any metal material into finished product. Flexibility, Portability and Increased Productivity are the Key Words. Multicyl® can group many separate operations together at one location.