The AQ550L features the smooth, vibration-free and extremely precise movement that can only be generated with servo driven Linear Motors on the X and Y axis. Linear Motors replace the obsolete ball screw and coupling drive mechanics, eliminating their backlash and significantly reducing the maintenance requirements for the machine. The AQ550L requires fewer finishing passes to complete the work piece thanks to the revolutionary LN1W control unit.

The AQ550L has a large 22" x 14" x 13" travel area and U/V travels of 5.1" x 5.1" for steep tapering on large work pieces. It has a maximum work piece weight of 3,360 lbs. and a work tank measuring 43" x 28", but only requires an 8.6' x 7.25' footprint. A high speed automatic wire threader increases machine efficiency by reducing wire threading times to approximately 20 seconds.